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WBH - WAH – WBN ATEX Versions

22/03/2013  |  Modena, Italy
Technical Articles
Thanks to many years of experience in mixing technology MAP today is capable of offering a new dedicated solution for ATEX machines. The WBH, WAH and WBN, batch and continuos mixer series has been re-engineered and modernised according to ATEX requirements. The result is a new generation of Mixers which combines reliable mixing quality with improved features.

The MAP ATEX mixers are the best solution to match market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, environmental protection and price. Thanks to the use of proven standard parts, MAP is able to offer an attractive price without compromising on quality.
MAP Mixers are designed for product development and production in all industries.

The MAP Mixer is ideal for all kinds of product in the field of mixing technology. Main application: 
-           powder + powder  = mixing
-           powder + liquid  = granulation/agglomeration
-           powder + liquid = mixing/moistening/coating
-           powder + liquid = drying

The need of ATEX mixers with high performances, different mixing technologies at a reasonable price is getting higher.
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